lördag 7 januari 2012

Some flowers and bright colors!

So well, I've been up to alot this summer and autumn - of course!

Sorry to say that I'm not currently caring for Caesar, the beautiful fawn great dane gentleman. Our scheduals unfortunaly didn't match any more. But I'll probably see him sometimes anyway.

I've also gotten a little cutie pie named Zelda to care for, she's a brindle french bulldog (although she barely has any stripes, just a couple here and there - mostly just a wonderful, almost black, slightly walnutty color) and she's only 1,5 years old! Such a little darling!This is her, tucked under the covers with her latest cat friend Eskil! And this is from the last time I had Caesar:

Also I've been living with (directly translated) The Fluffy Family. It consists of 2 cats and 2 afghan hounds + 1 human, usually Marina. But she took a job on a luxury cruise in amsterdam and was away 2 weeks at a time. So then I'd just step in as the human in the family and live with them until Marina got back. There's Eskil the Cornish Rex and Iris the Ragdoll-mix, Smilla and Haley the afghan hounds.

For now though, I wont be staying with The Fluffy Family for a while - probably. We'll see!

I also just meet a 7 month old curly coated retriever puppy. His name is Eddie and he's the gentlest, cosiest little pup I've ever met! More about him in a while.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

It's been a while

I haven't updated here for quite some time. Mostly because I got a bit down with not getting my puppie and breaking up with my former boyfriend.

I think my blog needs a new cheerie design and I might expand it to include a bit more of myself and not only about dogs - but since my life is alot about dogs there should be no shortage!

I'll update you a bit about my life in a little while!

lördag 9 juli 2011


is what I am today. Today I broke up with my boyfriend of whom I'd been with for over 1,5 years now and known since I was 12. Because of that I also had to call off my beloved puppy. Today is a sad, sad day. Hopefully tomorrow is brighter. I'm off to work soon.

lördag 2 juli 2011

Eye Opener

My little miss has opened her eyes! What a little cutie pie!

torsdag 30 juni 2011


..Pictures from today:

It was a long, fun day - and now I'm too tired to think or speak or write. Good night!

Not about my pup!

Today Frans and Lizzy met each other. There were some discussion and secrets exchanged first, but then they were the 'bestest' playmates in the world.

Isn't it fantastic that sometimes they just get along really, really well? and not just tolerate each other.

Daddy Glen

I was recently given permisson to show you what a gorgeous dad my pup has! This is him, the grand, handsome, amazing Glen:
Isn't he just fantastic?